Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Arrow Season 1 Episode 18 "Salvation" Recap

It was one great episode, "Salvation" , it started when a man started killing people who he believes have done wrong to the Glades, he believes that he's  the savior whereas he also believe that he is doing the same thing as The Hood/Arrow does. But Oliver disagree 'coz he is not comfortable that someone else is doing bad things to his target. Thea comes running towards her older brother, Oliver, where he asks for his help to save Roy Harper from the hands of the "Savior" who've abducted him while they're arguing. While, Oliver promise his sister that Roy Harper will be saved.  Oh, before I go on, just so you know you may visit where you can watch Arrow Episodes online where you could enjoy the full episode of this show.

On the other hand, Moira worries for her children if Merlyn gets the information that she's the one who planned everything in his failed assassination, in her desperation she decided to make a decision that cause the life of her friend. She just wanted to make sure that her family is safe.

Meanwhile, Dinah got disappointed when she found out that picture of a woman whom she thought was her daughter wasn't her daughter. Laurel has reconciliation with her mother.

And one more reason of why you should see this episode, 'coz there’s a nice Oliver reconnecting scene with Laurel in this episode. It could be that he learned a little about relationships from “The Savior,” or it could just mean he’s indecisive.

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