Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Newest Series of The CW ‘The Flash’ with the Episode Synopsis

Since the Warner Bros. and DC Comics had success on bringing their library of superheroes characters to  the TV screens. Superman’s younger year’s story was told by the hit series Smallville, while at the current time Arrow is enjoying a spirited run. Though it might be too risky, The CW decided to launch a modern ‘The Flash’ TV series this year, starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash.

So, after seeing the actor own the role during his Arrow Season 2 debut, and getting a teasing glimpse of Gustin in the new Flash costume we now have a full look at the Scarlet Speedter’s full costume.

John Wesley Shipp was the original The Flash played the titular role in the 1990s TV series. But in this series, Shipp will be playing Barry Allen’s father in The CW Arrow spinoff. He’s first seen in the premiere episode of The Flash and will recur throughout the show’s run.

This series tells the story of Barry Allens, after witnessing his mother's murder, and his father wrongly accused, Barry Allen is taken in by Detective West and his family. Becoming a forensic expert for the Central City Police Department, Allen tries to expose the truth about his mother's murder, which leads him to Harrison Wells' particle accelerator. When the accelerator causes an explosion, Allen is hit by lightning, and enters a coma. When he wakes up, he learns he has the aptitude to move at superhuman speeds, though he is not the only met human created in the wake of the explosion. Amazing isn’t it? Another thrilling and exciting series that The CW had produced.

Check out the The Flash Trailer here below;

Anyway on August 31, 2014 The Flash Season 1 Episode 1 will air and on this episode; Barry discovers his powers and puts them to the test, only finds it's no longer a test but the real thing when he encounters a certain someone.

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